Who we are

We are the Rosers, a family of vine dressers:
your host will be Cornelia Roser and her partner Bernt Rommel
and her son and operator Thomas, with his wife Janina
and the youngest family member Max.

Our Roserhof is a little familybusiness-guesthouse and offers four guest rooms and three apartments.
We are located only 12 minutes walking distance to the BEAUTIFUL CITY OF GENGENBACH, a historical old town at the edges of the middle Black Forrest.

Our guests will find a nice courtyard with many beautiful seating places. In the beverage room we offer several wines of WEINMANUFAKTUR GENGENBACH-OFFENBURG EG and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
Also we offer a little playground with swing and a sandbox for our little guests.

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- Gengenbacher Fasend -


Fasend in Gengenbach

The Swabian-Alemannic carnival, known as Fasend in Gengenbach, is a custom in southwest Germany with a long tradition. Every year, the fools take over the government
of their towns and villages between Fat Thursday
and Ash Wednesday. A large number of processions with all kinds of characters make their way through the streets
during this time.

More information here NARRENZUNFT GENGENBACH

UHere is a video of a big event we had in Gengenbach in 2018

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- Our farm shop -


Farm shop at the Roserhof

Our self-service store is open daily
from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
Here you will find all apple varieties to mix yourself and also our naturally farm apple juice.


Einachstraße 15

77723 Gengenbach

Phone: +49 7803 3723

Fax: +49 7803 928868